The act of giving a unsuspecting woman drugs and sleeping with her unconscious body see Rick Ross "Slip a Molly in her drink she ain't even know it took her back to my crib and enjoy that she ain't even know it"
Man back in my hood they call me Pill Cosby how I lost my virginity
by ŻÅŸHØVÅH July 27, 2015
Bill Cosby does family-friendly television shows, while Pill Cosby slips Mollies in girls' drinks and rapes them.
by realest tho. January 24, 2016
When you wake up on a toilet butt naked, with your asshole yawning like a rhino. Your right leg is extremely numb and you feel groggy. You have no idea how you got there, but you somewhat remember drinking Hennessy with Bill Cosby. On top of that, there is a bloody magnum XL condom chillin' halfway in your ass and the other end touching the toilet water.
"I was having a great night of drinking Hennessy backstage after a Bill Cosby comedy show, until I was a victim of Pill Cosby."
by The Pill Cosby Ass Master July 28, 2015
V. The act of slipping a pill into an attractive women's drink in order to have sex with her.
Man, I would Pill Cosby that chic!

I bet he's gonna Pill Cosby that girl.
by BearCat76 December 21, 2015
To be unknowingly drugged, then sexually assaulted
I got so drunk last night that I blacked out, and I can't say for sure that I didn't get Pill Cosbied.
by Drandmrevil December 5, 2015
When you druged someone and after that you rape that person when they are under your Bill Cosby Pills.
Me: goddamn man!
Friend: What happened?
Me: I was so drunk last night it felt like i was Bill Cosby pills
by lightburn April 18, 2017
Bill Cosby Pills is When you drugged someone with Bill Cosby pills and then rape them
Someone: What!? What happend?
Me: I was so drunk last night it felt like i was under some Bill Cosby pills
by lightburn April 18, 2017