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Tinkers is a term for a group of Irish Travellers who worked with tin and mended pots and pans from door to door in rural Ireland before urbanisation in the 1960's. This is a perjoritive term these days and is used to insult Irish Travellers, as gyppo is to insult Romani people (different ethnic nomads in Britain & Ireland).

Not all Irish Travellers were tinkers (from tinsmithing or tinsmith) as there were horse dealers, market traders etc.

Irish Travellers have their own distinct culture, traditions, way of life and language and are indigenious to Ireland and are said to be here in Ireland before the Celts arrived in Ireland 500 yrs BC.
"irish travellers are all tinkers"

"No, its a term, often negative"

by tinker-boy August 15, 2006
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Widely known as Irish gypsies residing in Ireland and also in the UK. My Irish nan used to tell my mum that if she was naughty one evening that she would "leave her outside for the tinkers", as it was said that they stole children.

Another meaning of tinkers is esctasy pills.
"got any tinkers?" or "tinkers, tinkers, anyone wanna buy any tinkers?" as some drug dealers in nightclubs in the South East of England would say.
by maya2007 May 11, 2007
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Irish gypsies. often referred to as dirty by romani gypsies - the original gypsy ppl not just some person who has decided to live in a caravan. A romani gypsy will have a very distinctive look, usually olive sking long dark hair and wears excessive amounts of gold jewellery.
by 123 July 24, 2003
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Can I buy 50 tinkers off you?
by Simes October 31, 2007
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A character who enjoys and excels working with metal objects, like olden shotguns and tomahawks.
Matt wields a tomahawk like a tinkerer.
by jaggededge March 23, 2011
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To mess around with something and you don't really have a clue what your doing.
"Make sure Ed isn't tinkering with my car, I need that thing for work."

"Don't even tinker with my vacuum, I'll send it back to the shop."
by Kitsme October 26, 2011
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The state of intoxication between being buzzed and drunk.
Yoooo buddy I just had 4 beers and I'm tinkered as FUCKKK.
by Nikkidrex May 28, 2017
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