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a group of youths who arent afraid to have fun. Skaters. Found lovers of rock and roll/indie music, wear dark clothing(hoodies). find enjoyment out of vandalism. HATE TOWNIES.
by Finch March 3, 2004
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hang over........uhh why do they even call it a hangover they should call it a hang with cause its no where close to being over
i woke up and by golly gee willakers i was stuck with this damn hang with
by Finch December 15, 2003
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A super hot chick named Michele Teslicka
Hey look there's testilicker
by Finch January 7, 2004
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It's what geeks do when they got no time. Make up long words e.g:

rolling on the floor laughing, laughing my ass off nearly having a heart attack and nearly dying while scaring the cat.

Basically its just when people go over the top about a little subject. Making fun of them - taunting.
Guy:lol! that was funny, the guy fell over
Guy2:ROFLLMAONHAHAANDWSTC that was funny.. (not..)
by Finch January 6, 2005
Means : I'd be gutted. Used by people at McDonalds when they have to do stuff like clean the toilets or serve some prick customer.
Rich: " I got to go on lobby"

Daniel: "I'd be gutted"
by Finch March 10, 2004
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