It is when some one you like in any way shocks you a little bit and from that day you hate them
Clark: hey should we hang out with David
Will: No he pikachued me so I hate him
Clark: eew did you guys have sex
Will: NO WHAT! he shocked me a little a couple weeks ago
Clark: oh okay then
Will: dumb weirdo
Clark: then lets play some fortnite
After a couple minutes

Clark: auch you are pikachuing me
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When you have a guy wear a shock collar, pee on him, then activate the collar while he's inside of you and scream PI-Ka-CHUUU!
Friend One: "Dude, what are those burns from!?"
Dude: "Oh, me and my girl were pikachuing last night. We came like crazy. Totally worth it."
by blunoodle April 14, 2021
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When your partner has a metal butt plug in their ass and you take a tazer and taze the metal base randomly thoughout sex
When my girl friend said we should try Pikachu's tail for the first time I have no idea what I was getting into
by deadpool$420$ November 12, 2021
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After sex, the act of tazing the mans balls after he cums.
After he came i grabbed the tazer and gave him the good ol' pikachu zap.
by Gatewae May 11, 2022
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