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An versatile exclamation which can display exasperation, disgust, jubilation or endearment. Widely used in Halifax NS, and derived from the supposed Romanian translation for "pig".

Acceptable in almost any context, especially when painting.

by Matt October 25, 2004
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1. primary meaning pig, or slob. It is beleived that pig is pigravach in Romanian, though this has not been checked.
2. an action.
3. term of endearment, in which case it doesn't really mean anything, and is simply a sentence filler. This sense of the word has been derived from the Impact! 04 era.
1. after a slobish moment, "pigravach"
2. "that was such a pigravach"
3. "ah you pigravach"
by Josip October 19, 2004
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pigravach - "where it came from is not as important as where it is going...A word for the everyman. Most words divide the classes, this word unifies them. A brilliant expression singifying simultaneously: joy, frustration...a word with feeling. You can feel it rolling through your voice box, collecting power from flem... it can only be...pigravach!" - Kellow.
situation occurs that warrants expression. -> "pigrrravaaach"
by Josip October 26, 2004
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The essential word in any refined man's vocabulary.

Foreign and versatile, useful in any upper-middle, middle, upper, elite, lower-middle, lower and student slum situation.

No plural.
While taking a Ritz Cracker Appetizer off a crystal tray: Ah... Pigravach

While chasing after the punk who stole your mom's purse: PIGRAVACH!!!

While taking the kids to a soccer game:
We're almost there you pigravach!
by Matt November 06, 2004
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