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1. A small animal that lives in basements, considered by its few witnesses to resemble a miniature german shepherd crossed with a mouse that has wings.

2. The answer to everything.
Petey, so do you think that I'm old enough to have a boyfriend?

by Peter Tolton February 06, 2007
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An abstract word form which may define any action or object to which it is applied depending on the given suffix and context.
My friends and I will piggachownize after school today. With the a removed and ize in its place, piggachowna becomes a verb form which describes any sort of action. If my friends and I were to go to the movies, the context would say to piggachownize is to go to the movies.
by Tom Aldrich January 15, 2008
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1. -interjection
A blurted involuntary exclamation of ecstasy and/or confusion that occurs as the result of a sudden, intense and emotionally affecting event.

2. -noun -slang
Refers to the event triggering the interjection, usually of a crude, sexual nature.
The panic attack induced orgasm caused Pete to exclaim, "Piggachowna!"

"Did you really have a piggachowna yesterday?" "I did indeed and I'd rather not talk about it."
by Lorin Granger June 17, 2008
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a Western frontier dish of a stir-fried winged canid rodent, mung sauce and other seasonings, and usually garnished with lightly buttered wenis.
"What's for dinner, Peter?"
"I'm preparing Piggachowna for two."
"How romantic!"
by Roger Pollack July 27, 2008
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