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any object, person, or other existing thing that works incorrectly, is too expensive, or just plain sucks.
Ryan that hummer is a piece of shit! Why'd you buy it??!

Dude, why would you vote for bush? he's a piece of shit!
by L0rdn1k0n October 27, 2005
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(1) a worse than worthless object or person; an object or person that holds no value or redeeming qualities whatsoever

(2) a stupid, low-life, self-righteous human being who makes life a living hell for themselves and others

(3) a small portion of human or animal fecal matter; waste excrement
"That car is a piece of shit!"

"Men are pieces of shit!!!" Heather angrily said to Kyle. "Yeah, so are women," Kyle said back to Heather.
by HumansSuck May 19, 2010
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Conservative party member and Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent. Like most members of the Canadian conservative party, Peter Kent is shamelessly partisan in all he does and says. He slavishly follows party talking points and directives, and is willing to destroy his country's reputation and democratic principles in order to increase the power of his party.

So really, while Peter Kent certainly is a piece of shit, he isn't really any bigger of a piece of shit than Stephen Harper or anybody else in the conservative cabinet.
Peter Kent: "I'm going to ban attendance at a major environmental conference for anyone who's not a member of the conservative party, and then I'm going to openly mock my parliamentary opponents for the fact they didn't attend the conference."

Justin Trudeau: "You piece of shit."
by cynicalidealist December 14, 2011
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Most likely one under the following categories:

Your computer
Your life
Your house
Your television
Your phone
Your job
Any mechanical object in your household
A unspecified brown object left by one of your pets.
by Nathis June 12, 2005
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