The dried up left over residue on you wang after having sex your girl and not taking a shower that night.
Dude I forgot to take a shower last night and still have pie crust all on my wank.
by GOD 042078 October 25, 2006
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Someone that is fun to hang out with but always is flaking when you are trying to hang out. It is often someone that is short.
Damn Madi is such a pie crust, she said she had to take a bath and take a nap instead of hanging out.
by Party Wolf February 06, 2019
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a dark hole of some sort typically located on women of a certain mating region. Slang: derogatory. Used for relief of liquid, air, and penetration by can’t do it personality’s. A fathers first want and third worse nightmare.
Hey Susan last night I introduced Greg to my dad. Greg doesn’t buy me things and farted on my family’s couch it was brand new and top of the line. Afterwards, we went home together after knowing each other for two days and I let him plunge my pie crust. Do you think I’m setting the bar to high for the other women?
Susan: Oh girl you know that’s a white girl thing. Myself I married a man with three inches on the first night. He’s been swag surfing my pie crust for three and a half minutes every night ever since. The bar is just way to high girl!
by RightTriangle October 07, 2019
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To masturbate all over your partners face, unleashing an obscene amount of cum, which covers their entire face, especially their eyes. Then, your partner doesn't wash off the layer of jizz in time, letting the spunk harden over their entire face, very similar to the coverage of an unbaked pie crust in a pie tin.
"Hey babe! Can you get me some soap and a brillow pad? You pie crusted my face, and now I can't see."
by jfever May 12, 2015
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Back in the day when knockoff Keds were sold I gorcery stores near thins like Pie Crusts. This term is what the people, or trash, that buys them are catogorized as. Essentially it is TRASH!
Hi how are you... it dosen't matter, you are Pie Crust!

Why are you talking to me, you are Pie Crust.
by Grewvieguy June 29, 2004
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A promise, just like pie crust, that is easily made and easily broken.
Joe: Ay, you promised you would help me on my assignment
Chris: Dat was a pie crust promise so don't even trip.
by C.J.1216 March 06, 2008
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A seemingly fragile or empty promise that is easily broken.
In the words of Mary Poppins: "No Pie Crust Promises. Easily Made, Easily Broken."

Joe: "Baby, I promise that as soon as I get out of jail, I'll get a job and take care of our baby."

Heather: "I've heard that one from you before. I aint believin' your pie crust promises no more."
by jellybeanjaws April 17, 2009
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