To be taken to a secluded place and have your anus penetrated by a bearded man against your will.
"I couldn't pay my tick bill so I got pidged by my dealer"
by Justadumbdog April 14, 2016
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A cutie from Voltron that pretends to be a boy but is actually a girl. 1980's Pidge sounds like a gremlin.
Person 1: Have you seen the American anime Voltron?
Person 2: Yeah, Pidge is such a cutie.
by -[pouiy July 28, 2018
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A super smart, badass, funny, female paladin of Voltron. Is the paladin of the Green Lion. Is the youngest of the bunch (15 or 16 years old)
"Hey Pidge could you please say that again but in english?"
by SkyBlu25 August 28, 2018
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A term popularized by non-gendered Americans used to address each other casually.

Synonym for Dude or Chick that is not gender specific.
Girl: Whaddup pidge? Is that a new sweatshirt?
They: Yes it is, does it look good on me?
by DebSlave November 26, 2017
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A baby pigeon. (especially a found one.)
We found a pidge that had fallen out of its nest. Poor pigeon chick!
by tobyfinchkins June 05, 2010
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When your small shorter freind is ver sassy and smart and u luv them
Small freind - “ OMg hoW dAre yOi
You- “ YALL R SUch A pidgE
by Yotedtocuba July 06, 2018
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