A female incel.
A woman who can't get a relationship
Becky is a femcel, she wants a relationship but can't get one to save her life
by Cananiggagetasandwich September 13, 2020
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Although the main definition would be something along the lines of "female incel", the term femcel is often just used to describe various personality traits. Yes, a femcel is a celibate woman (voluntarily or not), but with time, the word has mostly been used to describe single women interested in (non exhaustive list) :

- the internet. Femcels are known to be chronically online first and foremost.

- being mentally ill, in one way or another.

- being obsessed with femboys/being a yandere.

- listening to "femcel music" : mitski, fleetwood mac, blondie, princess chelsea, deftones, deathgrips...

- having "femcel hobbies" : video games, horror, a mix of both, "cutesy" things, art, spending all day in bed doing absolutely nothing, anime...

- generally being a social reject, especially in real life, and mostly having online friend (if any IRL friends at all).
"i haven't left my room in a week and my back really hurts."

"Yeah, maybe that's because you've been doing nothing but rewatching Serial Experiments Lain for the 100th time and listening to three hours deep dives about every PS2 psychological horror games with a woman protagonist you could find."

"lol yeah i guess."

"You're such a fucking femcel."
by sharkazzz September 26, 2023
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Girls/Women who not only love male manipulator music but also female manipulator music. She loves Fiona Apple and kins Alaska (looking for Alaska). She actually doesn’t take men seriously and she can be easily mistaken as a “manic pixie dream girl” when in fact she probably is a misandrist. We love femcels!
Oh my god Sarah is a femcel she started reading John green books when she was 12.
by Ilovemgg June 7, 2021
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A female incel or “involuntary celabite”not necessarily celibate but tends to blame all men for their struggles in relationships instead of themselves or their partners, they say things like “all men are trash” or “kill all men
Becky is such a femcel all she talks about is how trash men are
by Lotsoftears January 25, 2022
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''A female Involuntary Celibate'' a subculture that seems to be spawned from Incel culture, although similar, they have complete abhorrence for each other. A Femcel would rather blame men for their lack of relationships and deserted sex life rather than realizing the cause of this is their lackluster self-loathing personality, they have no self awareness and cant fathom the idea of a male liking them for more than looks, when in reality this is the reason people stay away from them.
I think Sarah is a Femcel, she wont stop talking about how men are trash.
by NoahCH November 1, 2019
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A female, who is involuntary celibate to only men she desires.
That femcel can hook up, but not with the guys she wants.
by Nicknitro July 29, 2022
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a very annoying woman that is a incel but female
ok femcel” “no femcel💙”
by dinonuggies182 August 21, 2020
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