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''A female Involuntary Celibate'' a subculture that seems to be spawned from Incel culture, although similar, they have complete abhorrence for each other. A Femcel would rather blame men for their lack of relationships and deserted sex life rather than realizing the cause of this is their lackluster self-loathing personality, they have no self awareness and cant fathom the idea of a male liking them for more than looks, when in reality this is the reason people stay away from them.
I think Sarah is a Femcel, she wont stop talking about how men are trash.
by NoahCH November 01, 2019
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Female + incel. A female who is involuntarily celebrate. Typically because she has a repulsive personality or is physically unattractive. Many femcels are at risk of falling into the clutches of radical feminism or becoming a obsessively involved in a celebrity tumblr or twitter fandom.
I wouldn't touch that femcel with a seven inch pole.
by BadReligion42 June 21, 2018
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Femcels differ greatly in definition from Incels and can encompass many things. Whereas Incels complain about being financially used by women who ghost them immediately afterwards, Femcels are basic women with extraordinary expectations, shitty standards, and a penchant for curving "nice-guys" and dating fuckboys. After fuckboys use these said women for sex, these Femcels become feminazis who throw en masse pity parties on Social Media along the lines of: "guys aren't shit!", "there are no more good men!" and "where have all the good men gone?!" Femcels can also be ugly, or out of shape females who exclaim that men are trash for not wanting to date them.
After ghosting Timothy who took her out on multiple lavish dates and exclaimed his proclamation of love, Ashley decided to date Chad who used her for sex and ghosted her in like manner. Now Ashley is a femcel who roams the outskirts of Twitter exclaiming: "all guys are trash!" and "there are no more good men in this world!"

Madison is 23 years old, 325 lbs, and a "body positivity" model on Instagram. Despite her self-proclaimed modeling career, she is better known to others as the overweight female who posts statuses about how guys "aren't shit" for not wanting to date her.
by B._Tertz September 30, 2019
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A Femcel or Fem-cel (short for Feminist Celibate, Feminist Incel or Feminist Involuntary Celibate) is a person (usually female) who blames Men in general for her own celibacy, lesbianism, or for her lack of a stable romantic relationship. She feels entitled to sex and/or a relationship from a man, in spite of the fact she regularly espouses misandrist and sexist opinions of men, and regularly claims either to hate men, or that men are evil and/or inferior. Just as a male Incel usually blames the shallowness of women and unfair gender based societal norms for their own lack of romantic success, a Femcel will often blame unfair gender based societal norms and the shallowness of men. In both instances the Incel or Femcel is defined by resentment, bitterness, and a sense of superiority over the opposite gender, whilst still feeling entitled to sex and and relationships from them in spite of this prejudice. It is an extension, and variety, of Misandry and Sexism.
Have you heard Lucy ranting about how terrible men are *again*? Yeah, he just didn't fancy her. That was his crime. She's a classic entitled, man-hating, Femcel.
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by MichyB November 23, 2019
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A female Incel or the modern equivalent of the loud feminist stereotype. Makes demands of others, acts cringey, and is an all around lulcow.
Don't mind Stacy. She's a Fem-cel. We just keep her around to see how deep she'll dig herself a hole.
by CaptainReducto June 11, 2018
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A female incel (involuntary celibate). Likely non-existent or at the most extremely rare.
P1> "hey P2, did you hear Sandra got laid?
P2> "holy shit, i guess that conclusively proves that femcels are mythical creatures that do not exist."
by Inqu’aanate November 24, 2018
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