where you think that you need a male to believe that you are valid. don't. you are fine the way you are.
Wow, Savannah really thinks she needs Male Validation to be hot.
by urwhore April 11, 2021
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when women tend to value opinions (especially praise and sexual attention) of men more than they respect their perspectives, themselves or those of other women.
Cassie Howard in Euphoria can be very sex obsessed with men, especially Nate Jacobs. She has a Male validation problem.
by definitiondefines April 14, 2022
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A woman who would rather listen to some man’s comment about herself than listening to her best friend. The kind of girl that seems shy at first and as soon as a guy talks to her she is the most outgoing person. She tries to be like a little helpless girl in front of all her guy friends, because many boys easily fall for that. Don’t be like that, because you’re being a real pain in the ass for all your girlfriends.
A girl that needs Male validation is someone that can’t stand it if you have the attention of boys on you, so she does whatever is needed in order to get their attention. Even if that means to hurt you.
by Sophie64 February 27, 2022
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