Block of science that determines whether shit will hit the fan or not.
Bob: Damn, shit hit the fan!
Bill: Well, through physics we can find out if the shit actually hit the fan. What was the velocity and force?
Bob: *punches bill*
by gollom like creature September 25, 2013
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You may think think Physics is boring or stupid, but without physics there would be no strong and weak nuclear forces that hold atoms together, so there would be no atoms, just protons, neutrons and electrons.

Also there would be no electricity that powers your computer or cell phone, no magnetism that takes part in power production. No gravitational force would keep your feet on the earth or the atmosphere around us, no normal force would push back on your. You would just slilde around, without static or kinetic friction. You wouldn't be able to open a door without torque. And many, many more things...
So understand, without physics nothing would exist, everything would be total chaos.
Without Physics you and everything else wouldn't be here.
by thephysicsgirl May 31, 2012
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The central science, concerned with motion, electricity and magnetism, light and optics, and atomic topics that are over the heads of most chemists.

Physics is loathed by rationalists, atheists, and secular humanists because it keeps proving that the universe is full of big surprises, and still has many secrets that will completely daunt us and turn our view of the universe upside down. Their disdain at the possibility of a diety and their rationalism is not justified given advances in physics.
"All sciences are either physics or stamp collecting."

-Niels Bohr
by Biocube November 28, 2005
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The Absolute Pwnage of millions of kids around the world because their submissive minds cannot distinguish the neccassary equations and are therefore demolished by the up coming test about something that is totally irrilevent to wat they have spent hard times learning
Bill was on a farm when her heard an explosion 2000 m away, he heard dis explosion 2.67s after it accured. What season is it? (yes this one was on my test, and it can be solved)(physics is the pwnage.)
by GURGITE January 11, 2006
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The class where W=work m=mass a=acceleration and d=distance vector parrallel to force
and if you combine these variables into a true equation you get
W=mad Work=mad

the class taught by the clumsy teacher who fell off a roof 3 times in half an hour.

when something goes wrong you scream "MEDIC!!"
so, what's the standard stationary size? 8 by 11 1/2?
yeah yeah so we all make mistakes sometimes.
by just call me blond January 18, 2005
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The utter and mercyless pwnage of millioins of kids around the world, especially blond ones, in which their submissive minds cannot comprehend or distinguish the equations givin in a organized and subservient mannor, and are therefore demmolished on the up comming test about the inverse equations of wat they have worked hard to study
Work this physics equation out:

Bill was out farming when he heard an explosion 2000m away, the sound of the explosion took 2.76s to get to him....what is the season?

yes this is a real equation, and yes it can be answered
by GURGITE January 11, 2006
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The fundamental study of everything, it's cool as shit.
Bob: Man physics sucks! When a pencil falls down, it falls down, why is there all this fucking math?!
Alice: Because information can be relayed about it's fall with mathematics.
by Bubbadoobop September 20, 2016
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