ex. 1 - Bill and Ted phucked on my trampoline last night.

ex. 2 - Bro, see that guy there... Call up the gang we're gonna phuck him and his buddies later
by Maybals Zahary February 22, 2008
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What old people say when they play or watch hockey.
"Where's the damn phuck??"
by Cameron July 17, 2004
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The politically correct way to use the word "fuck" in an email. Using phuck or phucker or motherphucker does cause throw a red flag in corporate emails.
BBN - "Phuck my motherphucking boss, if I want to heat up chittlings at lunch, I'll heat the phuckers"
Snoflake - "But they smell like phucking crap"
by Big Black & Nasty March 25, 2008
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a really annoying person who texts people even when they ignore the texts.
damn, christine is a real phuck
by killer45000 March 27, 2011
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Hacker term: To scramble the contents of a file or hard drive. Loose term for encryption.
I downloaded an mp3 but my isp's filter phucked it. I had to descramble it with UnPhuck.(Progie)
by Monte October 30, 2003
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n. an alternate to the word fuck often used in facebook or other social chatrooms and has expanded meaning
you have a fat phucking ass
by 5546 November 17, 2010
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