the slang word for 'failed',also 'flunked', only cool people use this word so thats that.
when having a contest always go to urbandictionary to win you phailed alex.
by UR DICTONARY FRIEND September 26, 2006
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Having a Ph.D at failing. That is to say, the person is BEYOND failure with lack of a saving grace in the eyes of others.

Often for a marginal error, lacking knowledge or logic based on a specific type of common sense or in some cases a life choice that may not be glorified by the "in" crowd.
1. Being a 40-year old virgin is a person who phails at life itself.

2. If you phail, you fail at failing and that's the worse.

3. Because you thought Master Chief would hit Smash Bros. Brawl, you phail to understand video games.

4. I asked for a hamburger and you put cheese on it when I didn't ask you to, you phail at taking orders.
by Maurice D. Guillory December 01, 2006
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When you Fail so epicly that even the word PHALE does not suit. This is the type of "Failing" the Jews did some 50 years ago. You can not "Fail" any more than this word. This is the supreme cock gobbler of all things "Fail". Epic Phaile, is quite possibly unstoppable. Chuck Norris shat brix when he saw Epic Phaile.
dude1: Haha I made that guy look so gay.
dude2: What did you do?
dude1: I stuck his cock in my mouth and took a picture. Posted that shit on facebook.
dude2: uh...
dude1: Haha yeah he's so a fag now.
dude3: Oh Mah God, You fucking -
Chuck Norris: <interrupting, because he can> Epic Phaile!
dude1: he's still gay right?
by MEOMGMEMEME August 24, 2008
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The act of failing; as to not achieve a desire goal/dream.

Used in many forums, as a way of saying that particular person is a true failure to human kind or some other put down related insult.
"Your parents phailed." = Your parents
did not raise you correctly, or taught you wrong.

"You phailed at life, hang yourself." Self-explanatory.
by MrBubbles September 27, 2004
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a way of expressing extreme and/or pitiful failure. Also, failing so badly that the person who failed does not deserve the correct spelling of 'fail' and therefore the 'f' is substituted with a 'ph'.
"You fail....but it's so pitiful that you 'phail' with a 'ph'!"
by ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; July 03, 2006
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Super-mega-ultra phail. A portmanteau of the words 'phallus' and 'fail'.

As defined by certain members of The Review Lounge.
"Your project is phail."


"No, phail. It's basically major suckage."

"Oh, okay. Kthxbai."
by The Awkward Turtle May 28, 2009
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A level of fail that is between fail and epic fail.
He phailed at halo.
by DrBurst April 29, 2008
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