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When you Fail so epicly that even the word PHALE does not suit. This is the type of "Failing" the Jews did some 50 years ago. You can not "Fail" any more than this word. This is the supreme cock gobbler of all things "Fail". Epic Phaile, is quite possibly unstoppable. Chuck Norris shat brix when he saw Epic Phaile.
dude1: Haha I made that guy look so gay.
dude2: What did you do?
dude1: I stuck his cock in my mouth and took a picture. Posted that shit on facebook.
dude2: uh...
dude1: Haha yeah he's so a fag now.
dude3: Oh Mah God, You fucking -
Chuck Norris: <interrupting, because he can> Epic Phaile!
dude1: he's still gay right?
by MEOMGMEMEME August 24, 2008
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