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"pro gamer". It's an abbreviation, which direclty come from the "e-wolrd". This term, it a lot used by gamers on the Internet. It's opposed to "noobs".
-"Dude take a look at my pgm style."
-"lol your noob style you mean :p "
by Thib August 24, 2006
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Acronym, standing for "pretty gay moment." Not gay in a stupid way, but gay in the homosexual meaning of the word.
I felt pretty sad, but then I heard Katy Perry's "Firework" and suddenly my day got brighter. pgm.
by archstar14 March 07, 2011
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Potential Girlfriend Material. Someone that you have been seeing/dating for a while and could be eligible for moving up a gear.

See also PBM
Montel: "That bitch is so sweet. I don't need to bang any other hos!"

Rufus: "Sounds like she's PGM."
by Jackson Wonder October 06, 2005
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Pussy Getting Material - When someone has or has acquired a trait or talent which heightens the chances of getting some pussy. Party tricks that are witty and engaging also fall into this category. I'm not going to use specific examples, since that will make it seem as if there are only certain things that fall into PGM, however, these things can be cultural or reflective of the era.
I've been like this since I was born. I know. Hereditary PGM.

I just learned ________, rackin up the PGM.
by KnowledgeoftheGods June 29, 2011
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Paranoid Gay Michael -- The state of being high on an upper. The fear that you are being watched and messed with.
Sue had to cancel her birthday dinner because she was PGMing so bad last night.
by Lennox June 01, 2004
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