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Possibly the scariest movie ever made. I praise this movie for its creative thrills and how it did it on such a small budget. Directed by Ari Aster who also direct Midsommar, this guy will get in your head. Some amazing performances done by the legendary Tony Collet and the equally talented Alex Wolff that would haunt your dreams. A story about a bad family situation that only keeps getting worse, and ad some Pagan rituals and you got this movie. It’s got some unimaginable family drama that makes you feel like you are a part of it while it makes you feel the devil breathing down your neck. While I praise this movie for its sophisticated and not cheap scares with a family drama that I hope will never happen in mine, this movie is not meant for everyone. Do be warned, with movie will go into your eyes and skull fuck you until you love it or until you just become a schizophrenic. There is a reason it is rated R, not just for the nudity at the end and like four f bombs, but it will bring some “inspired” dreams. If you thought that the conjuring was scary, wait until you watch this masterpiece of horror
Hereditary is dreadful, and I love it.
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by Notgninneb Retsehc September 17, 2020
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