Pretty Fucked Up - when something or someone is totally messed up.
Text: dude did u c Joey's face after he fell off the bar?
Reply: yeah man, he was pfu

Anna: Jody got so wasted at the party last night didn't she?
Bree: She was pfu. I heard she pissed in the pool.

Lindsay Lohan. Period.
by BluAngel June 14, 2010
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Playa Fuk Up

Another way of sayin "Shut Up"
Dood1: "Im Goin to tha mall tonight"
Dood2: "PFU, u said ur goin clubbin, how come i aint invited?"
by Farid January 19, 2004
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PFU - Pretty Fucking Urgent

A very britsh way of covertly expressing urgency, interally within an organisation.
INCxxxx for your review - PFU
Customer complaint xxxxx - PFU
by ledgeking January 18, 2016
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