the sound hellcat makes when his brain shuts down after he's been verbally bested.
Hellcat, Helos pwzned you!

by bunny November 14, 2003
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Shut up, cause I dont give a fuck, and your a joker to think that I care about what your saying.
by FunnyMan!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! July 21, 2009
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a sound of disaproval by a stupid german
she said: "i hate your accent"
he replied: "Pffft"
by sweet11808 March 17, 2009
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The sound you make when you have done something funny and slightly immature for someone of your age.
Paul, aged 30, arrives home from a Friday night at 10pm on Monday: "Gee... that was a big weekend... pffft!"
by Michael Holding June 29, 2010
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PFFFT!! PFFFT The sound your lips pressed together and blowing air through them makes as you witness some idiot make a bigger fool of him or herself either by what they said, wrote, did. A show of utter disgust, no fear and the act of totally brushing someone off by dismissing them as a complete moron not worthy of one's time.

note: could be immediately followed by a brushing away with one's hand ending with a palm towards the buffoon.
(ex.) When you open the door to meet your blind date and a delusional 250 lb. water buffalo lied on her dating bio as being "just pleasingly plump." PFFFT!! Oh really? Maybe you should have listed your body type as "the Michelin Man."
by The Vanilla Godzilla January 26, 2017
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Exclamation ( /pft/ also /pffft/ and /pfffffft/ depending on level of exclamation)

1. Expressing astonishment or admiration
2. Expressing agreement
3. Expressing skepticism
4. Expressing affirmation
5. Expressing uncertainty
6. Expressing joy
7. Requesting or attempting to garner a response.
*endless possibilities*

1 - '"Mozzarella sticks on Howard?!" "Pffft!" he cried enthusiastically.
2 - Person 1: 'Is that shrimp po boy any good?' Person 2: 'Pffft!'
3 - Person 1: 'I met the best, most respectable girl ever! She's totally a keeper.' Person 2: 'Pffft.'
4 - Q: 'are we you going out tonight?' A: 'Pffft!'
5 - Q: 'are they open past 3:00am?' A: 'Pffft.'
6 - 'Pfffffffffft!'
7 - 'what's the plan for tonight? Pffft!?'
by Johnny A-list 3.29.14 March 29, 2014
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A noise favourably used either in disbelief or as a pre-sound to laughter. Often an aggresive way of saying I disagree and of course for those of the population who feel obliged to try and hold in their laughter use this word.

'I rule this game!' ' Pffft, yeh right'
by Zoidy August 7, 2007
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