A noise favourably used either in disbelief or as a pre-sound to laughter. Often an aggresive way of saying I disagree and of course for those of the population who feel obliged to try and hold in their laughter use this word.

'I rule this game!' ' Pffft, yeh right'
by Zoidy August 07, 2007
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A WORD used when one is sick of using big words- and needs a quick fix. When he/she does not feel like typing a smart ass remark. 1.) frustration 2.) whatever 3.) ahh shit 5.) dont be a dumbass 6.) too flipping funny! 7.) no shit! etc....
him: "You can't handle it."
her: pffft! (whatever)
by blessed614 February 16, 2010
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the sound hellcat makes when his brain shuts down after he's been verbally bested.
Hellcat, Helos pwzned you!

by bunny November 13, 2003
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The sound you make when you have done something funny and slightly immature for someone of your age.
Paul, aged 30, arrives home from a Friday night at 10pm on Monday: "Gee... that was a big weekend... pffft!"
by Michael Holding June 28, 2010
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