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kickass muscle car produced by Dodge and the SRT team. Found in the Charger and Challenger trims. Comes from the factory bone-stock with 707 horsepower.

A car designed to put Camaro and Mustang owners to shame.
bro did you see that Hellcat beat that Camaro at the drag strip? It was badass.
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by Possibilities December 15, 2018
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1: A formidable woman.

2: One of the zoids (mechanical monsters released as wind-up and battery-operated toys, made in Japan). A Hellcat zoid looks like some kind of big cat, possibly a panther or cheetah. Its first UK release was in 1986. It was re-released in Japan in 1999 with a spelling mistake on its box (Helcat).
That mother of my girlfriend Alice is a right hellcat. Apparently she once bit a teacher's nose off after Alice was given a detention for not doing her homework.
by StormSworder August 14, 2006
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Best dual purpose war planes in WW2. Terrific Dive bombers but also used as fighters. Can take a ton of shots and keep on flying. Able to withstand a lot of damage and keep on flying.
Hellcats were the main reason the US defeated the Japanese in WW2.
The Hellcats bombed the hell out of Japan in WW2.
by Ellington Bomber August 13, 2011
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hell cat is a person with brown hair. he/She will often find them selfs in a pickle. they spend there time on social media (aka Twitter) and the person or thing, loves playing on brain wars. They never seem to leave the house unless it's the weekly Asda shopping trip and they normally only have a few friends. A hell cat spends most day with the company of her family, a cat, Nearly all hell cats have a friend that's a penguin, as they tend to get scared of humans fast and make a panic noise.
person 1 "hey (inserts name) do you have a pen"
hell cat" OUGH OUGH OUGH"
person 1"woah take it easy randy"
hell cat *looks around room panicking*
by flossAY January 05, 2015
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(noun) a really pro dart thrower- part of the annabohecrowe madness.
"Dude, she's sucha pro dart throwe"
"yeah man, whata hellcat"
by annabohecroweftw March 01, 2010
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adj. to have a little dick.
One who is shortchanged in the pants.
A big dick would be the opposite of Hellcat.
"I have a little dick"
by CWOS Grammer Nazi March 22, 2005
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