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In reference to Rod Serling, the creator and creepy narrator of the original Twilight Zone TV episodes from the '60s when an occurance or an event is so bizarre that it's similar to something that might happen in one of the episodes. Less shock and fright but more paranormal, spooky, that skin crawling feeling you get when your extremely piss-drunk uncle accidentally gets into bed with you.
"Your uncle climbed into bed with me last night."
" What? I beat him to death years ago when he tried to molest me... in that bed."
"A ghost?! OMG! How rodserlingesque! 'Cuz he sure seemed real to me when he... uh... he um... never mind."
by The Vanilla Godzilla December 12, 2017
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When you have to drop a deuce so bad it's pointin out of your dirtchute.
I barely made it to the shitter because I was pointin!
by The Vanilla Godzilla June 4, 2018
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PFFFT!! PFFFT The sound your lips pressed together and blowing air through them makes as you witness some idiot make a bigger fool of him or herself either by what they said, wrote, did. A show of utter disgust, no fear and the act of totally brushing someone off by dismissing them as a complete moron not worthy of one's time.

note: could be immediately followed by a brushing away with one's hand ending with a palm towards the buffoon.
(ex.) When you open the door to meet your blind date and a delusional 250 lb. water buffalo lied on her dating bio as being "just pleasingly plump." PFFFT!! Oh really? Maybe you should have listed your body type as "the Michelin Man."
by The Vanilla Godzilla January 26, 2017
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(verb) The feeling you get from smoking pot a.k.a. marijuana to police and grandparents. To get affected. To be affected. To wish I was affected. OK, now I have to go get affected.
I got so affected last night that I had some serious blind-screamin' munchies later.
by The Vanilla Godzilla December 29, 2017
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BAMM!! - Unlike it's similar word definition {see bam} which sounds real pussy and does not make NEAR the impact as all capitals, two M's and two (!!) exclamation marks. THIS word is usually followed by {drops mic, exits stage} or a punch in the mouth.
"That's wut yer muther said. BAMM!!"
by The Vanilla Godzilla February 1, 2018
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