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Traditionally to take a ball of wetted tissue paper that resembles a ball of mozzarella and throw it in somebody's face while they are sleeping (preferably with a hangover or drunk). With the addition of recent technology, documentation of mozzarella-ing has increased tenfold. Popular documentation methods include photography, but better yet, video. You can go 'oldskool' by using tissue paper or the increasingly popular 'nuskool' method of using a genuine piece of mozzarella. See 'mozzarella prank' Youtube
1. Let's go mozzarella his arse!

2. He got mozzarella-ed so bad, we even got it on video! Oh shit let's see. Youtube!

3. Nuskool Mozzarella to the face!

4. There's gonna be plenty of mozzarella-ing tonight!
by thetruechinman April 05, 2010
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Mozzarella is a type of cheese made from Italian buffalo's milk by the pasta filata method. Mozzarella is also used in popular dishes throughout many countries, though originally Italian.
If global warming meant temperatures rose by one or two degrees, France would become a desert, which would be no bad thing. The Scots would grow wine and make buffalo mozzarella.
- Michael O'Leary
by negativecr33p December 10, 2017
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A slur used against people of Italian descent. “The use of the word Mozzarella as an ethnic slur... is a regionalism," said Mr Tamburri, who is a third-generation Italian American. "It's definitely something more local than it is national."
Kevin: Mozzarella!
Vinny: That is offensive, please don’t use that word again.
by Bbbbbbbitaliano May 26, 2020
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It is used in conversations and seeks to point out to the other listener something really pleasant, attractive or noteworthy.

The word was first introduced in puerto rico in the year 2008 and has become a regular expresion all troughout the island. It has recently become a popular expresion in sex related situations were the taker asks for the "mozzarela".
"oh papi gimme some more mozzarella"

"hey man that new porshe is the mozarella"

anita: "wow julio those new shoes are great"

julio: "yeah! i just saw them and tought: mozzarella!"

by parnazo April 19, 2009
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put down meaning wack or cheese as hell
man this shit is Mozzarella as hell sounds like some retards did this shit
by Illicit Dynasty July 10, 2008
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