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similar to taste the rainbow, the man uses his penis in the same manner as the classic candy machine. Not sure why he would want to do this, but it's always great fun at parties, and allows for hands free snack delivery.
Some of the younger kids at the concert missed the cultural reference when Jim dropped trou and gave em the ol' Pez Dispenser. One of them even had the nerve to yell out "Thanks for the gumball, Mickey!" As Jimmy flicked a few treats in his direction. As if he would ever put gumballs into his dick. Who would be crazy enough to do that?
by Pantaloon January 17, 2008
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While your chick is throwing up, you bang her doggy-style in the bathroom, while continuously pulling her hair so her head bobs up and down like a pez dispenser while projecting vomit.
I banged my drunk bitch in the bathroom and gave her the Pez Dispenser that shit.
by petrochile November 23, 2008
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when you cut someones throat so it leaves a huge gash and makes the victim look like a pez dispenser
dont fuck with me or i'll have you looking like a pez dispenser
by Big Rob 187 July 01, 2006
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Guy is standing up. Girl is in front of guy, on her knees giving him head. Right after the guy blows his load, before she can swallow it, he smacks her under the chin causing her head to raise up. Then punches her in the gut so she spits the load out. Kinda like when you lift the head on a real PEZ Dispenser and candy comes out. For added realism and fun have the girl ware some sort of Halloween mask, like Darth Vader or Bugs Bunny, etc.
At the Halloween party I went in the bathroom with this chick in a Yoda costume and did a PEZ Dispenser.
by Intercaust February 04, 2004
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This happens after a long night of drinking and on the car ride home your head is bobbing back and forth like a PEZ dispenser.
Stottsky was so fucked up when we hopped into the cab that he kept doing the pez dispenser.
by xXUncleJayXx August 10, 2010
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For tracheotomy victims only. Right after you have taken a fresh load in your mouth and it settles in your throat, you have someone tilt your head back and shoot it right at them thru your throat hole. They'll never see it coming...literally.
Bob tasted some liquid candy from Sutter's Pez Dispenser. Mmmm
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