An older term for the flashing lights on police car. Named because lights resemble an old-time candy machine.
by Chairman July 1, 2004
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Can I get $0.50 from someone?...I need to go to the candy machine.
by BJGZ November 8, 2006
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shove candy up a girls vagina (peferably unwrapped) and try to eat it all out
Colten: My sweet tooth is acting up but im horny as shit
Mary: what should we do
Colten: what saw we do the candy machine
Mary: im down
by rangle frangle September 13, 2009
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The act of sticking one's thumb into a butthole as to ascertain poop on one's thumb. Swirling said thumb in a circular motion, just like the stick is used in a cotton candy machine.
"Yo bro, I totally gave some skank The Cotton Candy Machine last night and ate all of it" -Kyle

"Gross." -Fred
by GRMCE November 17, 2011
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