A machine that dispenses stuff (duh). Also known as the Dispense-O-Matic 9000 Provisions Dispenser in Team Fortress 2, it's a machine that has the mystical ability to create ammo out of nowhere and give it to teammates. And it heals. Though minus the ability to make you bulletproof.

Comes in 3 Levels. When fully upgraded, it's a Medic that gives you ammo.

When used effectively, the Dispenser plays a very important role in the game, as it can provide (almost) endless amounts of health and ammo to teammates, therefore it is often being used to establish a camp halfway through the base. However, it is prone to damage from fire, rockets, bombs, arrows, melee weapons, sappers, and (most of the time) BOOLIT.

It also blocks friendly Sentry Guns, so watch out where you're placing it.
— The Heavy

"Need a dispenser here!"
— The Scout

"Phudda dipenza heah!"
— The Pyro

"We need a dispenser riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here."
— The Engineer
by LazFlamme November 1, 2014
A really lame term used by some little children to describe a women's breasts.
by Moon Project February 1, 2005
The mustard dispenser is when you stick your Oscar Mayer under her salad bar then you punch her in the money pocket so hard that golden spicy brown drips out onto your meat.
I gave my cunt a Mustard dispenser because she was dumb enough not to buy me condoms.
by Shiconia August 25, 2010
A machine commonly found in restrooms which (according to its pictographs) is a dispenser of delicious cooked pork product. Unfortunately, a working model has never been encountered, as when the button is pressed, the machine only emits hot air out of what should be the bacon spout.
"I wish somebody would fix this bacon dispenser because I sure am hungry!"
by KilleR R0b0T February 17, 2010
n. derisive term for a human being. all humans release methane when they fart, therefore they are methane dispensers. get it? a farter. person. dude or dudette. breeder.
My friend is such a misanthrope that he refers to all people as "methane dispensers".
by Vernon Reed May 6, 2008
The Optometrists bitches

first defined by Nimtard Ali
(Nimrah)optmetrists: Come over here and shine these lenses

(bitch)Dispensers: Yes MP (miss prof)
by OZ the man Im the MAN October 23, 2007
When a male is either willingly or unwillingly used for no other purpose other than to orgasm repeatedly, in order to produce semen. The semen is then used for any number of purposes, often consumption. The practice can go for any amount of time, and the individual may be forced to cum over and over again throughout the time period.
Last night I tied up my boyfriend and used him as a cum dispenser...his balls were so red after I made him cum over eight times throughout the night!
by Xiwt March 6, 2012