you stroke her very tenderly but give a little pinch in the end.
ex1) Ben : Hey, you finally made out with her or what?

Chris: No way..I just perriered her a little while. I think she'd like it.

ex2) Jesse: Hey, Ben!! I think I saw Dan and Kevin perriering a minute ago right in front of your house!!

Ben: Really?? God.. then it was true that Kevin sucked Mr.Garrison's penis when we were in school.

Jesse: I knew it!!I'll tell his mom on him right away.
by Ben (Lee Seung yun) October 28, 2008
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What you drink when you're hung over. With a lime wedge.
Bunny: For Christ sake, this headache is killing me.

Frank: Me too, I’ll go get some Perriers.
by ALEXfromExeter July 25, 2005
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The act of sitting on a stack of sparkling water bottles and accidentally having one slip inside ones bottom.
I sat down and ended up with a perrier.....
by Jason Cross June 16, 2008
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A french brand of mineral water; the only thing the french got right.
French food sucks, the language sucks, the people smell, their military sucks, but their water is fantastic!
Perrier rocks!!!
by realandrei June 21, 2005
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The act of being yourself without caring what anybody thinks. Because you're a f*cking adult.
Drank a Perrier and went to a party in my pajamas. #perriering
by Thegreatesteverknown July 27, 2016
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A "sparkling water enema", currently popular among wealthy UK homosexuals and bi-curious metrosexuals.

One partner plays the "waiter". He takes a small glass bottle of sparkling Perrier (the narrow sloping-necked style is required). The "waiter" unscrews the cap and places his flat hand over the top. He agitates the bottle and quickly inserts the neck of the bottle into the anal orifice of the "customer".

Clearly, fast action and effective pre-lubrication are required to obtain the maximum effect.
The two product managers took a line of coke each, then gave each other a Perrier.
by Jonny.B.Good June 16, 2008
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