Pixel herpes, its what net sluts get when they have unprotected pixel sex.
Amy that pixel slut gave me perpes.
by Yumee August 18, 2009
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The little slimy things that hang from a gangrene infested penis.
Joe went to the doctor to have his puss-filled perpes removed from his gangrene infested penis.
by Magcrest September 01, 2010
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Perp (pronounced Pu-rp).

A slimy scoundrel who lies, slanders, stalks, harasses, & generally torments a Targeted Individual for no reason other than having a black heart of dust & nothing better to do. Most Perps have no use to society, are completely ignorant, are psychopaths/sociopaths & covert malignant narcissists.
“That perp who brighted me on my drive home is the same perp I caught going through my garbage last week.”
by UniversalMindFU May 20, 2020
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1. An abbreviation for perpetrator. (Someone suspected of a crime)
2. An abbreviation for Purple Haze, a breed of particularly potent marijuana that displays purple fibers.
1. After a fed showing various mugshots and sketches to a witness, he asks, "Do any of these resemble the perp?"
2. "Smoke perp by the pound, ounce by the fifth ..."
-Young Jeezy, "Trap or Die"
by 50-Septim October 24, 2005
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perpetrator, one who a police officer suspects of a crime
The perpetrator exited the vehicle and made a furtive gesture as if to seize a weapon, whereupon I blew him away.
by Octopod November 12, 2003
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These bottom feeders have long criminal record,no skills for job.They rely on lieing and sniching.Cant get girl and dress like freaks.So stupid they cant keep up with the public because they cant think for them selfs.Most of time wearing sun glasses so you cant tell there lieing.Ended up as perp because how stupid they are. usually running away from something trying to find friend to protect them
Wow there is a perp over there loitering lock your shit up or he will steal it
by Sparkyfusion March 08, 2020
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REALLY good weed. short for purple, referring to one of the many strains of purple weed.
purple haze
purple kush
grand daddy purp and
purple monster
This perp is some of the best bud i have ever smoked.
by mdk182 February 08, 2008
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