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1. A synonym in the northeastern United States for marijuana, hash, and all drugs containing THC. Encompasses all types of marijuana; everything from shitty outdoors and beasters to potent strains.

2. To smoke marijuana.
1. Fuck... we're all out of yeth. Does anyone want to match me on a slice?

2. Turn off the lights, turn on Pink Floyd, and let's yeth a blunt.
by bootsieeeeeeeeeeee July 22, 2009
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How someone with a lisp or the initials GS69 might pronounce the word "yes"
by gs69 October 11, 2016
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The embellished version of saying "Yes".

Also, how a person with a lisp might say "Yes".
Yeth, you sure did the number on that mofo.
by Jimbo G. November 20, 2003
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The Business:

YETH is a timeless, age-old phrase passed down, generation-to-generation, from sea to shining sea. It was formulated ages ago by a perspicacious sage commonly referred to as Michael Scott Buckley.

The Phrase:

YETH is an exclamation of great frivolity and excitement, uttered when words fail the emotion one wishes to express. In addition to its normal usage, YETH is a movement of joy, peace, and acceptance. I serves as a catalyst for the unification of unlikely groups of individuals.

It has a number of uses including, but not limited to:

To Fill in Awkward Silences with Unification
To Unify

To Exclaim Excitement, Joy, and Other Great Emotion

On Twitter: #YETH. #YML (for YETH My Life)

Oh Facebook: YETH; I Think, Therefore I YETH; YETH, the Philosophy Group; YETH My Life (YETHML)

What YETH is Not:

YETH is not anything demeaning, immoral, or disgusting. YETH is encouraging, uplifting, and life-giving, if your YETH is anything besides these, then it's not true YETH.

Believe in your dreams.
Since I smashed my face in that cake, this will be the best birthday EVER! YETH!!!!!!!!!
by Thomas J. Knott June 20, 2011
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