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Basically a loud-ass noise or Justin Bieber, destroying your ears, as i can't show a link, search up "Wake me up inside" and click a red skeleton with laser eyes.. I don't know honestly.
A random person that is wittnessing ear rape: FUCKING EAR RAPE OH GODDDD KILL ME
by FoxyTheFab November 08, 2016

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A fancy word for "walk", that's it.
Very Athletic Person: I'm gonna perambulate for an hour cause I am athletic.
by FoxyTheFab November 11, 2016

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You seriously don't know what LEGO is? Wow.
Seriously, dosen't everyone know what a LEGO is? You know, these Minecraft looking things you step on and it hurts.
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by FoxyTheFab February 01, 2017

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