Penner aka Sgt. Penner aka Sgt. Savage, a gun fantical german/russian, that likes his potato vodka. To be found around the area of Crofton, BC.
Penner talks about guns all day.
by DrunkIntellectual October 22, 2007
A penner is a great eloquent writer.
The quote "a group with out messages is like a violin without strings" was written by Manu the Penner.
by Redcamarocruiser December 18, 2005
Tommy: God dammit!! What the fuck am I going to do?
George: What's wrong man?
Tommy: *sigh* All I got is this fucking penner left to smoke on, if even that much.... My life is over...
George: *snicker* Sorry to hear that man. Mind if we smoke it?
by Kingcluez October 28, 2009
germans use it like the word punk
Du bist ein Penner!=You are a punk!;
Fick dich du Penner = fuck you punk
by killa k87 July 19, 2008
He is so cheap even his mother called him a Penner
by Stuckeupplayerhater August 12, 2011
Cody: Lets go smoke.
Nick: You got a penner on you?
by cooguy April 12, 2009
Masons brother he got arrested for being to fucking sick mr.lowens secret lover
you got arrested your such a Benton Penner
by GOD April 25, 2019