Person 1: I wish I was high
Person 2: you wanna hit from the penjamin?
by Skanky nugger January 6, 2021
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When you use a dab pen to get yourself high.
Damn I need to get faded than a hoe. Time to go to Penjamin City. Shall we?
by Gedderswastaken November 3, 2022
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The penjamin franklin is another name for a dab pen or a cart
Yodiegang member 1: yo im boutta hit this penjamin franklin, shall we.

Yodiegang member 2: shit bro boutta be in yodieland faded than a hoe
by Yodiegangmember November 7, 2022
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when one takes hits 2 dab pens at the same time
yo bro watch this i'm gonna hit a double penjamin
by realpistolsi November 16, 2022
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when you have taken probably a blinker or 2 off your cart and then you literally start hallucinating that you're in a fucking city.
bro i'm in penjamin city i'm walking down the street
by rj420 April 23, 2023
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