that's a way of describing someone with good looks.
Person 1:'Have you seen that new girl Sophia.'
Person 2:'Yh she's bear peng u know.'
by yhyh3000 November 27, 2019
Like basically blud peng means fit innit like if i spit to the mandem "oi she's a peng ting" that means " oh why my fellow friends doesn't that lady look rather lovely"
But nah we tink it's cool makin up words and dat cos apparently that makes us hard nuts innit
"Oi blud wheres dat peng ting with the rack"

"Nah fam she ain't peng and dat just nice body innit"

"haha same ting my blud"
by Ilikebajungaas April 4, 2020
Another term used for cocaine, yayo

' U gt dat peng weighed up?'
by DonJ May 16, 2007
when something is really cool, it is peng!!
Hi, Amy, that skirt ur wearing is dead peng!!
by x..amy..x February 6, 2008
I "borrowed" Mike's FRS and crashed it and hit a tire wall! Dude, you just peng'd it!
by gelogelo March 14, 2013