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If you do not know, you will be happier!
"If I train is traveling at 67 MPH from Philadelphia and another train is traveling at 51 MPH from St. Louis, and the passengers do not know they are on a collision course. Will they be happier?"

The Genius, Stephen Colbert.

Seeing as it is pencils down?

Border Security
by JadedMaple August 09, 2006
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A statement made by a teacher or college professor signifying that the allotted time for taking a test or exam has run out and all students must cease writing answers. In some cases, continuing to write even after being told "pencils down" may result in an automatic failure of the test.
Goofy: *daydreams and draws on test paper*

Professor: Pencils down!

Goofy: *continues to daydream and draw*

Professor: I said "pencils down"! *confiscates test paper to grade it*

Goofy: Wait a minute. I'm not finished! I'm......

Professor: Over Mr. Goof.
by Casimus Prime February 12, 2019
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