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Comes from the Argentine language. Means someone with huge hairy balls. Making you a dumb-ass.
Sali de aca pelutudo!
Get outta here dumb-ass!
by Eddie July 02, 2003
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Pelotudo is a word used in Argentina to call somebody dumb or asshole but it’s also used to talk to your friend because in Argentina people insult each other but don’t really mean it unless you know, they mean it. Also I’m to lazy to go back and do this cus I’m on my phone so I’ll say it now. People as far as I know mostly use it for stupid.
Friend 1: Che pelotudo, como estas?
English: hey dumbass, how are you?
Friend 2: Estoy bien, Y vos?
English: I’m good, and you?

Insult version
Road rager 1: Che pelotudo, que mierda te pasa?!
English: hey asshole, what’s fucking wrong with you?!
Road rager 2: espera la proxima ves que estas en una luz pelotudo!
English: wait next time your at a light dumbass!
by Don’t say the n word November 01, 2019
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