Comes from the Argentine language. Means someone with huge hairy balls. Making you a dumb-ass.
Sali de aca pelutudo!
Get outta here dumb-ass!
by Eddie July 2, 2003
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castillian spanish from argentina, meaning dumbass
sos un pelotudo
by frostdiddy June 3, 2004
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Pelotudo is a word used in Argentina to call somebody dumb or asshole but it’s also used to talk to your friend because in Argentina people insult each other but don’t really mean it unless you know, they mean it. Also I’m to lazy to go back and do this cus I’m on my phone so I’ll say it now. People as far as I know mostly use it for stupid.
Friend 1: Che pelotudo, como estas?
English: hey dumbass, how are you?
Friend 2: Estoy bien, Y vos?
English: I’m good, and you?

Insult version
Road rager 1: Che pelotudo, que mierda te pasa?!
English: hey asshole, what’s fucking wrong with you?!
Road rager 2: espera la proxima ves que estas en una luz pelotudo!
English: wait next time your at a light dumbass!
by Don’t say the n word November 2, 2019
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El es un pelotudo. He is an asshole.
by makato July 14, 2008
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Argentinian slang to say to somebody that is an asshole
Boy 1: "Hey buddie, i saw ur girl chatting with Alan
Boy 2: " I don't even care man, everybody know that Alan is a Pelotudo
by SosaMan99 March 15, 2018
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Pelotudo/a is a word frequently used in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and some other Latin American countries, it's similar to the word Boludo, it hasn't got any exact translation, but its meaning it's similar to:
Someone who is really stupid, a jerk, who has just ruined something. It can be used as a friendly nickname, between friends or parents.
It can be used as a verb too, but rarely.
"Pero vos sos un pelotudo o te hacés?"
Are you actually stupid, or you're faking it?

"Ay dios mio, Que pelotudo!"
"Oh my god, What an idiot!"

"Sos un pelotudo de m***"
"You're a m*** jerk"

As a verb:
"Este pibe me esta pelotudeando"
"This guy is annoying me" or "This guy is making fun of me"

"Estoy pelotudeando en internet"
"I'm wasting my time on the internet" or "I'm having fun on the internet" or "I'm doing nothing on the internet"
As I said earlier, this word can't be translated. So do not take any of those translations as crucial.
by Smooth Duck December 6, 2017
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