Someone who is disliked by all the teachers, is never prepared for class, has a school wide meme/ joke about him.
Damn did you see kyle in History today? He was such a Pelli. He didn't even bring his backpack
by idkwhattoputforthis November 16, 2016
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The relationship that no one expected. The girl is waaaaaayyyyy out of his league and they both know this. This probably won’t last as she realises she has way too many options, other than this lost puppy. He generally has an obsession with something obscure (like terrible video games) and is super clingy.
Friend 1: Is THAT Pelli?
Friend 2: Yeah , don’t even know he hasn’t been dumped yet. Can’t believe she’s still part of Pelli.
by Shadow_Dude May 04, 2018
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