1.-A derrogatory racial term for people of European origin.
Considered extremely offensive.
2. An arrogant, out of touch, universally despised white man- a rich white business man who looks down upon others.

"Get your ass out of here, and take those two Pellys with you!"

"You ain't nothin but a filthy Pelly whore!"

"There was a couple of Pelly's down at the spot last night, man we whipped some Pelly ass up in that piece"
by Edenrage November 20, 2007
tough guy, not one to mess with, not a steroid user, not ugly, no soul patch or anything, has normal shoulders
"Nolan, you don't just POKE someone!"
by A Grega April 20, 2005
One who is sexually attractive, good in bed, or overall sexual.
"Damn...he was a pellis all night long!"
by Thomas B. Jonas December 17, 2007
The relationship that no one expected. The girl is waaaaaayyyyy out of his league and they both know this. This probably won’t last as she realises she has way too many options, other than this lost puppy. He generally has an obsession with something obscure (like terrible video games) and is super clingy.
Friend 1: Is THAT Pelli?
Friend 2: Yeah , don’t even know he hasn’t been dumped yet. Can’t believe she’s still part of Pelli.
by Shadow_Dude January 29, 2018
R Pelly: the act of smearing your own poop inside a coffee shop bathroom for an unsuspecting barista to clean up and hate their job even more. AKA the Shitty Rob
Dude I totally just R pelly'd that starbucks.
by The Laughinator September 17, 2012
a girl who thinks she's pretty, and everyone loves her. When really she's a fugly whore who everyone hates.
-"Hey, check out how pretty she is!"
-"Mate, no she's just a Skukelly Pelly"
by Chelsea? May 27, 2010