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A move performed during masturbation that involves the man jacking off and right before ejaculating the man ties a string right below the head of his penis and tying it so tight that it cuts of circulation blocking the ejaculation process. Then after 30 seconds while the cum is building up in the lower part of the man's penis, the man unties the string and his cum blasts out.

If preformed correctly the man's cum will look red like lava as a result of blood mixing with the sperm.
Man I just did The Volcano to myself last night and now i feel messed up.
by jobo1234 February 03, 2011
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fuck a girl on the rag, without a condom, with her on top. When you cum, you pull 3/4 of the way out, and watch the lava flow down while trying to save as many pubes a.k.a. (townspeople) from the molten lava.
My girlfriend gets very horny while on the rag, so now I give her THE VOLCANO.
by zakundo August 13, 2009
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When bangin a girl doggy style, you put in a chew and proceed to spit in the small of her back. When you've accumulated enough dip spit in the small of her back, pull out, and dip the tip of your member in the spit, then stick it back in. This will cause her region to ERUPT like a volcano.
Ya, she pissed me off, so i had to do the volcano her 'n teach her how to get right.
by DG$ November 24, 2007
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When one shits in ones mouth then punch them in the stomach region so that the shit erupts out of the mouth like a volcano.
Murd preformed The Volcano to perfection on some chick named Radika!
by Dirty R August 16, 2006
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