A pegboy was a young man kept on pirate ships by pirates. This young man was forced to sit on a large wooden peg...all the time. Anyway, this was done so that whenever a pirate wanted to drop his anchor (so to speak) he'd have no problem.
Come here pegboy, I want some of those sweet cheeks.
by Dirty Sanchez August 28, 2003
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a receiver of anal intercourse; someone assuming an unfair share of a burden
Rodney had to drive everyone there AND back, and got no money for gas. He was the pegboy of this fiasco.
by Nigga B April 26, 2003
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A boy who loves stuffed animals. He sleeps with them, but he is scared of the big eyed ones.
he's a pegboy, he asked me for a stuffed animal.
by AnnabethJackson September 26, 2015
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A lesbian/bi-sexual/queer woman who recieves anal sex via a strap-on dildo harness.
Jill? No she's not available, she's Jackie's pegboi.


Sure I'll be your pegboi bottom, I love anal sex.
by BentNeedle April 20, 2010
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Yes you know what time it is, pegboy time. That feeling when she slides his peg between your thigh canals up into your gentle sloping v shaped valley. A few boys at an agricultural college know all about it. It's like the time when I was elbow deep in a cow, the cunt couldn't squeeze the bastids out. Horrible, I know. But with the help of pegboy, we now have 2 thriving dairy cows milking for up to 13 minutes at 9,000 litres per year.
Awwwwwh yah bollocks ye, quick! Get the pegboy, she's going to chop my arm off! As pegboy entered the glory cave head first, all he had to do was reach in with his mouth to pull the twins out. '' I can't feel them I can't feel them. What should I do master? '' '' I know'' says Alexander. ' 'Reem her out, Reem her out.' ' as Princess Ulkin and TRUESDALEY bent to their knees, they decided it was the only way to save the calves. Pegboy to the rescue, getting pure reamed was the only solution. Miracles do happen. Up the Glen.
by Slapt that October 14, 2019
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