a silly nickname for actor Mads Mikkelsen mostly used among twitter users.
peepaw is so cute, look at him go!
by quinn_l December 6, 2020
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Peepaw’s uploaded a new bloviating monologue to his Instagram 🤮
by sparrowCastle March 28, 2022
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Another name for famous actor Mads Mikkelsen, used on TikTok
Eat your pees peepaw, eat your pees, you’ve had too much liquor
by tumby.hort November 23, 2020
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another name for a hot actor mads mikkelsen, used by almost the whole tiktok community
look it’s peepaw!
by hannibal lover August 2, 2021
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a grandfather-usually said by a southerner of low intelligence
Hey man what did you do last night.
Yea, Your peepaw eh!
by Tyler Braithwaite May 7, 2007
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Often used to describe American singer/songwriter/poet/comedian/writer/director Bo Burnham, mostly as an adjective of pictures of him from the Netflix Special 'Inside'.

The term was first used by Twitter user @ollystarlings, when asked about it, she replied, "i call him peepaw when he's scraggly and unkempt".

Now, Burnham is headcannoned by his fans as 'senile' because of memes of his posture or his long beard toward the end of the aforementioned special.
*qrt's @insidescenebot* peepaw's senile af guys
by vinnaidu September 7, 2021
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