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A mystical, foreign man hailing from Denmark, Mads ( pronounced "mass," sorry no mad puns here ) Mikkelsen was originally a gymnast and actor, then began his career in acting in 1996. He's known for playing incredibly sexy bad guys and seducing people with his smokey accent, brooding looks, and hot body. Notable moments in his acting career include literally busting James Bond's balls as the bloody-eyed villain Le Chiffre, ( who is great because he has an inhaler, and yet is still a badass and a helluva creepy dude ) kicking mythical beast ass in Clash of the Titans, and most recently, eating rude people as the cleverly-named Dr. Hannibal ( totally rhymes with Cannibal ) Lecter. He actively steals the reproductive organs of both dudes and dudettes on Tumblr, in particular. He speaks four languages, is pretty much always named the #1 hottest guy in Denmark, and he's sweet and humble as can be. When asked what scares him, he replied: "I don't like big lines to the restrooms when I just had four beers. It scares me, really."

Mads Mikkelsen. Total badass, Bond villain, Danish dude who eats the rude.
Person 1: Did you see that French villain who busted Bond's balls?
Person 2: Oh, you mean Mads Mikkelsen?
Person 1: Yeah, I guess he was pretty mad.
Person 2: No, MADS Mikkelsen. Mads. It's his first name.
Person 1: OH, MADs. He must have been a really angry baby for his parents to name him that.
Person 2: *sighs heavily* ...rude.
by hannibalmorelikecannibal September 26, 2013
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