Actually, pedo is a derivation of latin word "paedo", while means children. Therehence, a pedopobic person has a fear of children. More correctly, this is spelled and pronounced paedo, not pedo, which is a form of transport.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
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Pedophobia (also paedophobia), noun can mean one of two things:
1. Fear (phobia) of children. Under this definition a pedophobic individual would avoid contacts with children or any act that reminds an of them.
2. Irrational hatered, discrimination, and criminalisation of pedophiles. Under this definition a pedophobic individual would actively seek procecution and persecution of anybody who is either a pedophile or a pedophilia advocate. This term is a neologism.

In both cases a person who has pedophobia is called a pedophobe.
1. John cannot come to the kindergarten, he is a pedophobe.
2. Active Christian Media propagates pedophobia.
by Volodya June 2, 2006
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An irrational, often hysterical fear that afflicts many parents. It involves the delusion that perverts wearing trenchcoats are lurking behind every bush with pockets full of candy. Parents with this disorder have an obsessive compulsion to keep their children, even teenagers, under constant surveillance. They egotistically assume that a pervert would WANT their children, even though they tend to be just as dull and unattractive as the parents that spawned them. These parents tend to be highly suggestible, and a large majority watch FOX News regularly. Other symptoms include frequent bouts of paranoia and melodramatic behavior. Sadly, most will not be cured before they have passed the disease on to their children.
The media's sensationalized coverage of child abductions is mostly to blame for the current climate of pedophobia in our society.
by Siddownshaddap April 20, 2004
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the irrational fear parents get that anyone that looks at their kid may be a pedophile.
Ms. Shaw gives dirty looks if you tell her she has a cute kid. She suffers from pedophobia,
by baraka dukkha December 1, 2008
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gaim: wow thats so profilable
Lol YrX: i know
Lol YrX: too bad im not a pedophile though
Lol YrX: im a pedophobia
by Lol YrX January 26, 2009
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Guy: Have you seen the news lately? A pedo-
Guy2 slaps Guy
Guy2: Don't you dare say that word!
Guy: You got pedophobia
by skosidhjfr September 5, 2016
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na. An acute fear or hatred of young people, ie; persons under the age of consent (16 in Western Australia).
"The principal of the school seems to suffer from pedophobia"
by Mell Kerr September 21, 2006
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