He's such a pediphile, he was licking my feet.
by HentaiExpert December 19, 2015
A old man that like to touch the younger generation
"he is such a pediphile"
by TheTrueGamer459 December 15, 2015
When a marajuana blunt creeps up on you and tickles you from behind like a pedaphile.
" oh my gosh! Did you feel that pediphile blunt touch me ? "
by Veitnam V May 14, 2013
A very large beard on a person's face that shouts pediphile. Mostly found on a man's face but on a rare occasion a women's face.
by chazz-le-dazzle lambert December 2, 2009
Someone who likes putting kids in there van and having sexual orientation towards them
Jamie is a pediphile and likes kids
by Anonymous 24/7 October 3, 2020