6 definitions by Teeta

Someone who is greedy, money is green and they have their eyes on money.
Tony had green eyes...so I shot him in the head.
by Teeta February 9, 2008
Dumb people who can't talk shit in real life so they do it in chat rooms or websites like myspace.
Internet Fagget: Stupid artard, you think you are so tuff, I will kick your ass at chess and digimon.

Normal Person: Shut the fuck up bitch, I'll put my boot in you're ass.

Internet Fagget: ...
by Teeta January 26, 2008
To shoot someone, usually in the head and blood splaters on the wall behind them and the brains and blood look like cherry pie.
If you fuck with me I'll splater cherry pie on the fucking wall behind you.
by Teeta January 26, 2008
Those big vans that are bigger then mini vans and have big windows in them with blinds. Also they can be just normal vans that look like crap and might also be know as a beaner van because it has a window gone and a plastic bag duct taped to replace it. The guy driving the van either has on a wifebeater, a mulet, untied boots with pant legs tucked into them, dark aviaters, a trench coat without a shirt underneath or a combination of.
Did you see that pedifile van? I was afraid somebody would jump out and rape me.


Fucking vans, only pedifiles drive them.
by Teeta January 26, 2008