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Canned mackerel used as currency in prison, since it's cheap and nobody wants to eat it.
Money mack:
"Hey buddy, I'll do your laundry for 5 macks."
by Roth Vantage December 17, 2017
Something absurdly overused on TVTropes.org
by Roth Vantage January 5, 2013
-...Jack pleasure?

-Y'know, fappin' on the toilet, roughing up the subject, beating up the bishop, taking matters into your own hand...
by Roth Vantage August 20, 2016
Adjective used to describe a huge, gigantic penis. Named after the mastodons, an extint species of elephants.

Synonym: elephant cock
I'm going to rape you with my mastodonic 300-mile long cock.
by Roth Vantage January 5, 2015
Home-brewed moonshine from the slums of Kenya; the name means 'kill me quick' in Swahili. Extremely potent and extremely cheap, able to make you go blind. Sometimes contains jet fuel. Batches have been found to be contaminated with sewage, women's underwear and dead rats.
You think Popov is bad? Try Changaa.
by Roth Vantage April 8, 2017
1. Parody of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
2. Repeated incidents of having to shit more right after leaving the bathroom after a bathroom episode is thought to be finished. See also: second-wave shit
Why's Jimmy always take half an hour to take a shit? He's always late for the football game.
I don't know, I think he's got post-toilet shit disorder
by Roth Vantage November 19, 2014
After a fucked up bender, just pop a couple of Val Kilmers before bed, and you'll wake up fit as a fiddle
by Roth Vantage November 24, 2016