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systematic indoctrination by people who either think they know more than other people, and are pressured to force their accumulated opinionated crap onto the rest of us who were socially pressured to gather in classrooms, to sit still and swallow anything served to us. or, the other type of t… preachers are people coming directly from academia or a school just below it, who originally hoped for a better job suited to them, who, after realizing the stuff they were taught leads to nothing worth striving for, now pass the teachings they were subjected to on to others. for reasons unknown to anyone (including themselves).
in any case, to prevent pupils from making contact with real life lessons, they are being set up in an artificial environment, confronted with artificial problems they would never have encountered without school. and in this way, gradually they are being shaped towards the ideal of an obedient academia worshipper.
teacher: “for i came here to bring you the word of the Lord”

all the people answered together and said “all that the Lord has spoken we will do”
(Exodus 19:8)

teacher: “she only asks of your attention, patience, and your commitment, your taking part in loving God, unconditionally. and that you do as she tells you”

and all the people answered with one voice and said: “all the words that the Lord has spoken we will do”.
(Exodus 24:3)

teacher: “to make sure you have a calm and peacefuly hiding place, an explosion-proof enclosure, to learn, untroubled by the tensions and conflicts, deceptions and betrayals, fightings and slaughter. in short, by real life. to make sure you’ll acquire and intellectual horizon filled with convoluted abstract nonesense. you’ve come under my authority, into this classroom. for i am the carrier of the word of the Lord. and since you won’t learn anything useful in here, like how to solve problems you’d encounter later on, in real life, you’ll be unprepared and get hit by an explosion right away. if you leave the path of academia. so better never drop out of school, succumb to pedagogics, show your loyality, and go to university. now listen to me, for i will proclaim all that the Lord has spoken. and what you’re to do”.

“all that the Lord has spoken we will do and we will be obedient
(Exodus 24:7)
by sabicu November 10, 2013
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