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Reaction by a teacher when criticised in students' course evaluations to adopt an apocalyptic siege mentality instead of simply knuckling down and improving their class.
-See what the students said about Mrs Y's course at the end of the semester? "incompetent ...inadequate... substandard..." Hopefully with a kick up the pants like that she'll have to pull the finger out next year.
-You're kidding! I just saw her in the principal's office screaming that she was being victimised! A real pedagogical waco!
by thrawnpop May 14, 2008
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1. noun - person unable to eat or pour liquids without spilling half the contents down their front
2. verb - to unsuccessfully attempt ill-advised transfer of liquid or semi-liquid foodstuffs from one object to another; to eat messily
3. adjective form "slittery"
1. What a slitter - you've gone and got soup all up your sleeve.
2. Don't try and pour your tea into another mug. You'll slitter half of it for sure.
3. Aw ya big slittery monkey. Look at the mess you're making!
by thrawnpop May 14, 2008
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