A US Navy Hospital Corpsman who is assigned to the STD clinic, to conduct a short arm inspection or otherwise inspect scores of human genitalia for signs of sexually transmited disease.
Corpsman: Dude, they just made me the new pecker checker at Balboa.
Shipmate: It's easy, just tell 'em to drop their skivvies, pretend to look interested, and tell 'em not to wave that thing so close to your cigar.
by Mister Priapus June 2, 2005
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A U.S. Army medic or hospital personnel assigned to inspect soldierss' genitals for signs of sexually transmitted diseases, a process otherwise known as a short arm inspection.
After the actor Robert Mitchum was drafted into the Army in 1945, he spent his year in the service as a pecker checker at a Tarzana induction center.
by Tummy AuGratin February 24, 2006
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A man, regardless of sexual orientation, who has a habit of glancing (or checking out) at other men's penises.
John makes me feel uncomfortable. Have you noticed how he looks at everyone's dick? I think he's a pecker checker.
by Jack Shepard June 10, 2006
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A sort-of synonym for size queen, this is a chick who checks out dudes' packages like men check out tits. She's not always very subtle, either, and there are more of them than you think. She will befriend a male of average to less-than-average penis size, but she only dates/fucks well endowed men.
The girl I just talked to at school glanced more than once at my crotch- I think she's a pecker checker.
by SHOGGOTH_KING January 21, 2013
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To grab a man's crotch in order to check for male genitals.
That dude was talking like a female so I had to pull a pecker checker.
by Mitch October 29, 2003
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another term for a cock blocker, usually a portly to rotund female who accompanies a beautiful vixen and who has taken it upon herself to protect her gorgeous friend's virtue by inserting herself between her friend and anybody she deems interested in said friend, (ergo, a threat) and driving them away by any means necessary. The term can also however, refer to any male who is deliberately sabotaging another male's attempts to horizontal boot-knock with a member of the opposite sex, for whatever sick, twisted reason. These icons of shame and self disgust, are almost always looked down upon with hatred and contempt.
Yo Dufus! Whatchew doing ruining my play with that fine mofo in the pink short shorts? You some kinda pecker checker, or what?
by 1 Beat off September 27, 2010
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the doctor, specially when u go in fer a lil turn and cough.
" dude i'm busy this mornin, i gotta go to the pecker checker. gettin that physical. "
by the dick doctor July 27, 2005
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