Noun- A long haired, sometimes bearded, Marine hatin Sailor with certain medical skills that would go through the very gates of Hell to tend to a wounded Marine.

Often called 'Doc', they are about the closest thing to being a Marine a person can be without actually being one.

Source: Sgt, USMC
Marine Sgt: Where is Doc?
Marine 2: He's inside with the rest of the squad clearing the building
Marine Sgt: Nice.
Marine 2: Oh here he comes
Corpsman: Buildings clear
Marine Sgt: Not bad for a squid
by marinesarge1234564321 November 11, 2010
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Enlisted Sailors who have the time honored job of providing various nursing, medical, and clerical duties for the Navy in hospitals or on ships or attached to the Marine corps.Generall called pecker checkers,devil docs or just doc by sailors and marines.
Marine One: Hey where's our Corpsman?
Marine Two: Doc had to take staff sgt to get his bore punched
by docwilliedynamite April 24, 2007
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Noun, Military Abbreviation Code-HM

A sailor that has the duty of providing medical support to the Navy as well as the Marines.

Blue Side Corpsman - works in hospitals, sick bays, ships, and on base with the Navy

Green Side Corpsman - trained in combatives and works in the field with the Marines. If respected and trusted his Marines will call him DOC.
BS "Corpsman, get me an IV on standby - criticals inbound"

by USN-8404-HM April 8, 2012
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