most commonly used to refer to teeth. However, also used in Cockney rhyming slang to mean shites (or shits). "Bary White" or "Turkish Delight" are also used in Cockney rhyming slang to mean the same thing.
(teeth) she has a good set of pearly whites on her.

(shites) his friends are a pair of "pearly whites"!
by Andrew Olgado November 23, 2007
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girls underwear( ususally knickers ) to be as white as a virgins.
shes got pearly whites on
by k1ddy March 28, 2007
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When you bust a load on your girlfriends braces and it dries so you cant see the braces and then she has pearly whites
Dude i gave that biaocth a pearly whites.
by mofo2135464874 February 26, 2009
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You blast your load all over some chick's teeth to help the aid in fighting cavities. Think pearl necklace for the mouth.
Girl: I have a toothache
Guy: I have a cure for that, it also fights cavaties and gingivitis.
Girl: Really?
Guy: Yes open your mouth and say Ahh, gives a whole new meaning to Pearly Whites.

Dude I gave this bitch a some pearly whites. She LOVED IT, looks like she found herself a new dentis.
by MachineShop December 23, 2007
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pearly-white is the color of my cum.
Xander's cum is ivory-colored, but mine is pearly-white!
by USAF Cadet September 17, 2021
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Emma: Will, I've been meaning to tell you som-
*Will kisses Emma*
Emma: That was a Pearly White Harbor!
by takishaaaaaaa February 5, 2011
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