During sex, when you ejaculate on your partner's back and the jizz runs down from the shoulder area to the lower back, it makes a pearl river.
Man, when I got done with this girl last night, it looked like a bottle of ranch dressing exploded all over her, you should have seen that pearl river.
by ActionJack October 31, 2009
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Irish Ghetto. Every1 whose fam moved from the bronx to rockland. Kinda sketchy in parts but a mad chill town. Evry1 is hardcore irish, & evry other building is a bar.
Yo wat u doing fo St. Pattys day?
Ima get mi drink on in Pearl River, NY
by biggepaceaz2243444 November 04, 2009
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A small town in the southeast of LA that is pretty close to New Orleans.We don't have much out here but I like to call it home.GO REBELS.....I guess!
Pearl River, LA is the smallest town in the middle of NOWHERE!!! Really, try to find it on a map. It will take you at least 30 minutes.
by P.R. KEBO November 28, 2007
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A high school in Pearl River, Louisiana. Many people look down on the people at PRHS, under the pretense that all residents of Pearl River are hicks, rednecks, or just plain stupid. However, there are many smart, cool people at Pearl River High.
I go to Pearl River High, and it's an awesome school. Go Rebels!
by PRpride March 30, 2010
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pearl river central high school is where a lot of fake ass people are, they always fight about the most childish shit. it’s also an 3/5 rating place, where the food taste like shit, but don’t get me wrong, some people there are amazing! so please come to pearl river central high school!
hi, i go to prchs, and i’m pregnant!
where prchs means pearl river central high school!
by nunyobussinessss November 12, 2019
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Noun. Someone who exploits you for sex.
"I thought he was wanting a relationship, but it just turned out he was a Pearl River Rat."
by Queen Daniel April 12, 2020
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A shitty group of casinos in Mississippi owned by the Choctaws. Known for its rude employees, tight slots, slow drinks and WASTED locals.
Man Pearl River Resort sucks, I'm going to the coast.
by 215634 December 20, 2016
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